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And Bing makes it even easier with features designed to help find whatever you need, wherever you are.Whether in school or at home, Bing quickly gives you results you can trust—so you can spend less time searching and more time doing.With e Pals resources, the world truly is the classroom.Teachers and students can create collaborative work groups and learning environments with peers from their own school, or in another country, safely and securely.

This hardware approach means that PCs can be managed regardless of their system state and without the need for software.

To prevent employees from having their authentication details stolen through screen scrapping and key-logging, the v Pro graphics processor creates an onscreen PIN pad.

This keypad is “invisible” to the operating system and users are required to enter their credentials using untraceable mouse clicks.

This doesn’t just disable the hardware on the laptop, but also deletes all data and renders the device unusable.

When booted up, the laptop will stop at an authentication screen, which can only be bypassed by entering a unique recovery password generated by the IT admin.

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