Updating garmin nuvi 350

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I have a Canon camera that formats it in a few seconds, so I don't need to.3) a Card reader for your Ubuntu computer that can read and write SD cards.It doesn't have to be empty, just needs the free space. Format it in your camera or a friends camera or bring it to the store where they display digital cameras and stick it in one and format it.You can also format it from the SD card reader in Ubuntu, but I don't know the exact commands.Note: I have not needed to install winetools, (a seperate package installation), it seems to work well without them.After wine is installed, from the keyboard hit alt F2 and in the dialog box type winecfg.Copy the entire directory, not just the files within it.The SD card does not have to be blank, it can have other stuff on it, just make sure the Garmin directory is on the root of the SD card.

If you don't want to bother with wine, see the 2nd way below.

You will not have to interact at all with wine, it is invisible in the background.

The application will open a window and try to find your NUVI, it will fail to detect your NUVI. It has extracted all the files you need to your .wine/drive_c directory.

First, back up your Or, using the GUI, just run syaptic package manager and tell it to reload (you may have to do this twice), then search for wine.

This should keep your wine updated to the latest release from winehq.

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