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The Prayer, Meditation, and Healing Group has been meeting for more than 35 years to pray and meditate over prayer requests from members of the congregation.We meet once a week on Tuesday evening in a quiet space in the church (usually Thomson Hall), often accompanied by flowers and candles.We walk in rhythm…our heart beats in rhythm…we breathe in rhythm…When we take that rhythm and express it as a thread in the woven fabric of our circle, we realize how our uniqueness blends with that of others to create a rich tapestry of community.The energy of the circles shifts with the lunar cycles and is different each time.All traditions and faiths come together to honor the gifts of our shared community, planet, and universe in music, rhythm, and fellowship.

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Home – Members – Sponsors – Photos – Pages – JOIN US Here you will find Drum Circles from Richmond VA all the way to Virginia Beach and everything in between.

The other two websites are specific to their location and This is the Web Site for Lovers of Drum Circles.

We read aloud and meditate over the prayer requests written during Sunday worship, and then include prayer and meditation for individuals from the community who come to the prayer group for help or healing. A key aspect of the group is that anything said or read remains confidential.

All are welcome to this calm, restorative hour any Tuesday evening at . We give all of these prayers to You, Fully releasing them into your care.

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