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Or maybe they're off a luxury vacation in Brazil, or to sit courtside at a Lakers game.

The location doesn't matter, really, so much as the glamour. These two different eras of Holmes are like two parallel universes.

For so much of her marriage her narrative revolved around her personal and dating life, and she's determined to refocus all of the attention she receives to her acting. She played Jackie Kennedy again, this time for a different mini-series.

And she has three different films slated for the upcoming year, including a role opposite Daniel Craigand Channing Tatum, a movie with the great Michael Caineand a spot in .

She was a small-town girl from Ohio who played a small-town girl from Massachusetts.

She lived largely out of the spotlight, gaining notoriety for her roles on .

But once she coupled up with Cruise she was thrust into a circle of fame and wealth and nonstop attention.

She moved into a fancy loft in Chelsea and continued to employ the team of bodyguards and other employees that is wholly necessary when you just got done with one of Hollywood's biggest divorces.

She still lived lavishly, but she made a point to step back from the public sphere she had occupied so largely.

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