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Features: The OCR-500 micro-sensor series is a fully digital optical sensor package that combines precision optics and high performance microelectronics.Satlantic designed this sensor series for applications where performance, size and power are key constraints.The OCR-500 Series Radiometers are fully digital optical sensors that combine precision optics and high performance microelectronics.The radiometers may be operated as a stand-alone device or in a networked environment as part of a larger system.

Curriculum links include ionic, covalent and metallic bonding, properties, shapes of molecules, structure, dot-and-cross, intermolecular forces, properties, bond angles, and...This booklet contains a range of suggested activities and contexts for teaching about atomic structure, periodicity and inorganic chemistry at A level.Curriculum links include atomic structure, ionisation energy, ionisation enthalpy, properties, trends, thermal decomposition,...In some cases, systems are created that network many sensors together and their combined data is provided in one serial output.The simplest example is a HOCR sensor that generates both light and dark frames.

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