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But really, I just didn't want to eat in front of anyone anymore.

I was becoming paranoid, and I feared being judged—even by the same girls who'd taught me my tricks.

I suspected that my parents knew something was terribly wrong, but we never discussed it.

My dad would mention how I was "about a hundred pounds, soaking wet," but that's as far as he went. She said it would tone and define my quickly shrinking stomach muscles.

I installed a mini fridge in my room, telling myself it was to keep the milk fresh.I started skipping breakfast; for lunch I'd eat only a cup of bran cereal, topped with the smallest amount of skim milk possible.Dinner wasn't allowed because I couldn't burn off the calories before bed.My grades were improving, I was feeling more confident, and boys on the street were starting to notice me.Feeling inspired, I decided to take my mission to a new level—by restricting the food I ate.

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