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Read an exclusive excerpt from "I Am Haunted" on Dread Central.

"Ghost writing: Paranormal investigator Zak Bagans goes beyond spirit encounters in book" interview by the Las Vegas Review Journal Listen to Zak on the @Talk Is Jericho podcast.

But sometimes it’s the encounters with people that affect me the most from crackheads in Reno to gangbangers in St Louis and crazed fans in West Virginia.

During my travels I’ve learned more about this world and the one that awaits all of us far more than anyone should.

"I’ve been all over the world embracing the mysteries that others shun because I’ve always felt the need to run toward the scary parts of life instead of away from them.

I’ve been inducted into the Sabertooth Vampire Clan in Paris, journeyed on an epic quest to find the real Dracula that ended in a Romanian forest, and bought a demon house that frightens me to the bone.

Zak's latest book, "I Am Haunted" is now available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many others.

The doll is said to have cursed hundreds of people, causing death and destruction to many.One of these victims, Bonnie Randolph, comes to Las Vegas to seek Bagans’ help.Bagans hopes Randolph’s emotional encounter with the doll will resolve the dangerous curse it has put on her.ET/PT - “GHOST ADVENTURES” MARATHON – FAN FAVORITE TOP 10 EPISODES Saturday, October 31 from a.m. ET/PT *TWO-HOUR HALLOWEEN SPECIAL* “GHOST ADVENTURES” – “DEADWOOD: CITY OF GHOSTS” Saturday, October 31 at p.m.ET/PT In a recent interview with Dread Central, Zak discusses Season 11 of Ghost Adventures as well as his "The Demon House" project and the film "Sympathy Said the Shark". The Travel Channel has confirmed that "Ghost Adventures" will be renewed for two more seasons! Make sure to tune in to The Travel Channel for the season 10 finale on Saturday, March 7 at 9/8c!

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