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At a time when it wasn't uncommon for artists to earn fractions of a cent per record sold, Clark not only got a substantially higher royalty rate than the Beatles or the Stones, but he leased the Dave Clark Five's master tapes to the record labels rather than selling the rights outright.

Prince made a big deal of doing the same thing 30 years later, but Dave was there first, and didn't even have to change his name to an unpronounceable glyph to do it.

Most importantly, we offer warm and compassionate care to your children from birth to age 21. Clark, MD and the Sunshine Pediatrics staff Quality. Maiya Clark is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We care about the emotional and physical needs of our young patients and their families. At each well visit we will discuss not only physical health and development but issues of safety, nutrition, learning, family and social problems.

Pretty soon it became possible to download virtually everything the band had ever recorded, including album cover art, within a few hours. And those who already have bootlegged CDs won't be chomping at the bit to pay for compressed MP3 files. Given Dave Clark's track record with this stuff, the music may not be out there for too long, so grab it while you can.It hit the charts in the US and made the Top Ten in England. Maybe the CD didn't sell well enough for his liking.Clark talked excitedly of reissuing the DC5's original albums and a box set with unreleased material. Maybe the record company didn't shell out enough additional bucks.The Dave Clark Five notched up a couple dozen hit singles both in the States and Europe, and for a time they were second only to the Beatles in the Most Popular British Invasion Band Sweepstakes.But good as they were at cranking out pounding rockers and smooth pop ballads, they didn't have a in them, and by the end of the '60s the band had run its course.

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