Burkina faso girls dating

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The rates of child marriage vary from one region to another, and are as high as 86% in the Sahel region and 76% in the East region.

Child marriage in Burkina Faso is linked to poverty, tradition and lack of education.

Burkina Faso has a child marriage prevalence rate of 52%.

On average, almost one out of two girls in Burkina will be married before the age of 18.

The strategy was developed with many stakeholders including UN agencies, religious and traditional leaders, the national coalition to end child marriage (Coalition Nationale de lutte Contre le Mariage Précoce), and citizens from communities across the country.

The strategy has four objectives: A Triennial Action Plan 20166-2018 outlines how the strategy will be rolled out, while a multi-sectoral platform launched in June 2016 acts as a coordinating and piloting body.

Jamaica is supported by the UNFPA to protect and promote the rights of adolescents and young people towards responsible sexuality and access to high quality reproduction health services.

It is a pleasure for me and my staff to acknowledge your achievement as Young Leaders and for the Burkina YALI Network to be featured this week.

The First Lady praised the staff of the institution for the “exemplary work” they are doing and the support they are providing for the teenage mothers, who attend the institution.“The situation of adolescent mothers in Burkina Faso is a big problem, that is why we are here to learn from your experience and see how we can translate the successes that you have had in your experience in our own country…so that our young girls can have the lovely smiles that you have,” she added.Earlier this year, the Government announced that effective September 2013, it will be mandatory for all school-aged mothers to be re-integrated into the formal school system.“I have had to fight within the United Nations system to ensure that a resolution will be passed within the United Nations to condemn and to prohibit female circumcision across the world,” she stated.She said that while genital mutilation is not an issue in Jamaica, countries need to collaborate to ensure that harmful practices, which have adverse health risks, especially on women, are eradicated.

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